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There’s a struggle in this world for each person to be God.

Of course, none of us is qualified, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to play God. Even in our faith, we have teachings or doctrines on God. God is good, kind, just, patient, etc. But, as theologian and pastor Dietrich Bonhoffer said, the problem is that we’re teaching our view of God. Therefore, it’s limited to our perspective. Even when we get several people together, it’s still only man’s view. It’s incomplete. Then when God doesn’t do what we expect, or something happens that doesn’t fit our theology, we struggle with God. Frustrated, we say, “God why aren’t You fitting into our doctrine?!”

In his book, Act and Being, Bonhoffer said that God is God. He is free to do anything He wants to do, anytime He wants to do it. He can do, say, and be anything He wants ‒ at any time. He is God. We need to realize that we are His creation. We are subservient to Him. We need to cooperate with Him, wherever He leads and whatever He does. We will never understand Him. If we could, He wouldn’t be God!

He initiates a revelation to us – a moment in time and space where we can connect with Him. We can choose to connect or not. If we connect, we will have an encounter with our Creator. It may not be euphoric or a vision or sensational, but it will be real. It’s what He really made us for. It’s where He wants us to live and where He wants to connect with us. It’s our privilege, graciously offered by Him.

I have had such experiences where I sensed a heaviness that seemed like a Divine Presence. Modern worship seems to seek such experiences. Sometimes they are touching; sometimes informative; sometimes humorous; sometimes a warning; but always, more than we realize. 

In a recent period of several years, I struggled to take care of my aging parents. I prayed for help, but I didn’t sense any of these things. There was silence. Though I maintained my Christian practices, I didn’t get any response. I was stressed, in a box running out of options. It was a grueling ordeal. So, I worked through it as best I could, with help from those around me. I acted in simple faith. I journaled my experience talking to God and seeming to get no response through this timeframe. These journals have been assembled into a book that I am about to publish.

Sometimes, I think that faithfulness honors and glorifies God more than dramatic experiences with Him. He seems to appreciate faithfulness just by itself. Experiences and touches sometimes encourage us. But God looks for the response that honors Him and maintains His ways. I once had a pastor who said that we honor God by doing the right thing. Maybe God will bless us; maybe He won’t. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to do the right thing anyway, because it’s the right thing to do. This is the attitude that pleases God. That pastor is blessed.

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Harry L. Brewer | HarryBrewer.comHarry L. Brewer's love of Bible study and teaching in a local home group. He started publishing devotional commentaries of Scripture, Ruth, Ephesians and Colossians. When his parents became unable to care for themselves, he took care of them for the last years of their lives. Unprepared for this endeavor, he struggled through their finances and care in his relationship with God. He is publishing a book on his faith and discussions with God through that struggle. Stay updated on Harry's upcoming book and to get the latest in news click HERE.

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