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Raise Your Vision | Four Dangers That Strong Ministry Leaders Face

Four Dangers That Strong Ministry Leaders Face

The Scriptures say that temptation is common to mankind, so naturally they’re something ministry leaders will face. But there are some pitfalls that strong and gifted leaders should be especially alert to.

Why are gifted, skillful leaders especially at risk for these temptations? Because they are especially likely to fall back on their gifts and skills and experience rather than rely daily on their fellowship with the Father. 

In a recent conversation about what it takes for leaders to finish well, Dr. Ken Boa said to me, “I think that there’s a danger to rely on ourselves rather than prayer or intimacy with God. The excitement of activity and effectiveness in ministry—we can rely on the outward things rather than the inward reality. So, what happens is, we may have hardly much of a prayer life, but we suppose that, because people are being affected or touched, that things are all well. I think that’s a danger.” 

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