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How to Get Started

GETPUBLISHED is an emerging powerhouse in publishing.  Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create targeted, integrated, book campaigns that mobilize high-profile contacts in your niche, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, and extend your reach into the most prominent media publications.


How do we work? Every author is walked through our proven step process.

Step One: On Boarding

Once an author has consulted with our relationship team and chosen the best-suited publishing package, they meet with their Executive Editor. At this step, the editor becomes familiarized with the project and the author.

Step Two: The Publishing Plan

The most crucial part of any publishing project is the Publishing Plan. Together with your Executive Editor, each author develops a strategic publishing plan that considers the desired publication date, Table of Contents, writing schedule and marketing plan. Once the author and Executive Editor agree upon the plan, a series of deadlines are executed.

Step Three: Design Stage

As the author’s book comes to completion, the author will meet with a designer to discuss cover and interior design. Two covers will be created for the author’s review and as a team the cover and interior will be selected. Upon completion, proof designs and books will be printed for final approvals. Upon final approval, the book will be ready for distribution.

Step Four: Publication Release

Depending on the depth of marketing assistance the author desires, a one to four month (and beyond) is carefully planned out. This includes public relations, social media, book fairs, and advertising. The book launch is a carefully orchestrated process, a process that can make a book an important – memorable – piece or a work that is totally forgotten.

GetPublished has developed three different

publishing package for today’s author.