Who We Are | GetPublished.Pro

Who We Are | GetPublished.Pro

Popular Christian author Michael Stickler and his publishing mentor, Arthur Ritter, identified a need in the publishing industry. The fact: Traditional publishing was nearly impossible to break into. Self-publishing became so popular that the market became flooded with writings that did not deserve to be printed. Good writers didn’t seem to have a chance to get published and if they went into self-publishing, they didn’t know how to market their works.

That was the impetus of the launch of GetPublished, which offers the best of both sides of the publishing industry.

Of course, no successful company works without world-class customer service. That’s where Gordon Fry decided to join the team. Together they have built a superb team of editors, designers and marketing professionals to serve the needs of great and marketable authors: Authors who are ready to change the world.

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The Vision Group, Ltd. | 1980 Festival Plaza Drive | Las Vegas, NV | 89135 | gfry@thevisiongroupltd.com