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Premium Publishing Package

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Every author, book launch, and book campaign must seriously consider the most powerful (if used correctly) publicity medium available today.  Traditional PR alone doesn't create groundswells—but viral media does.  Presales are critical to the success of your book launch.  These sales dictate the quantity the bookseller will carry as well as the positioning of the book in the store.


Our Premium Publishing Package is for Authors who need a little help to polish their manuscript and get your book noticed.

Includes all items from Basic Publishing Package:

  • Professional cover and book interior design, including author’s book ISBN and Scan Code – required for retail sales
  • Immediately available through distribution through ordering systems of all major retail outlets, including and Barnes and Noble, once cover and interior design completed
  • Custom eCommerce landing page with custom URL
  • eCommerce ordering portal for seamless ordering from author’s web properties
  • Author’s book immediately ready for shipment in paperback and eBook formats, once cover and interior design completed


  • One complete profession edit, to make suggestions of flow and story
  • One cold-read, the final check for punctuation, spelling and grammar or other errors
  • Custom Facebook and Twitter set-ups for book release
  • Author’s shipment of the first 25 books for marketing
  • One-time Professional Press Release and electronic distribution to relevant media outlets.



Payment in Full           $9,997.00

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                                                            TOTAL DUE:             $9,497.00


 Payment Option 2:

                                    20% Down                   9,997.00 =     $1,999.00

                                    11 Monthly Installments of        =        $727.00