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A simple contribution will make all the difference in getting Cliven's story out to the public.

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What will we do with the start-up funds?

This book is not the typical book out on the supermarket rack or book-seller’s shelf. This book tells the story of real lives on the line … right now … today … in real peril. It’s not a dusty, old story about something that happened years ago – instead, you know that it is happening before our very eyes – even as its actual content is being so badly reported in the headlines, on social media, and on television. The vital stakes are high – not just for the 19 men unjustly imprisoned – but, for their wives and the 26 children who may be effectively or actually orphaned through their fight for our rights. So far, only one has given his life at the hands of the government. Besides the direct impact to these families; however, there are numerous ranchers, miners, hunters, countless other livelihood-stakeholders, AND YOU(!) who will be indirectly impacted if our public lands continued to be taken away from "the people." 

But more importantly, the story of Cliven Bundy is one in which every American has a stake. Cliven’s battle is about the Government being held accountable to the governed, a concept which is enshrined in the Constitution of The United States of America. Sadly, today’s government bureaucracy has a long history of reaching well beyond its boundaries set by the Constitution, the law, and We The People. That is the story of Cliven Bundy; that is the story that needs to be told; and, with your help, here's how we are going to do it:

1. We will announce the book just before Cliven’s upcoming trial – as the media returns to an interest in Cliven Bundy and the Bundy Ranch Stand Off.

2. With your help, will retain a nationally recognized Public Relations firm whom we have already interviewed who will work day and night to get the Nation’s attention focused on Cliven’s real story – by including coverage in:

  • National conservative talk radio
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Social media
  • Local and national television 

3. We will use search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques to keep the book listed within the top five internet search responses to every search term so it will be presented right alongside the media stories. At least on the internet, the truth of Cliven's real story will have equal billing with the “news” that others are fabricating and reporting.

4. With your funding help, we will ship a copy of Cliven’s book to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, every Congressman and Senator, and of course, to President Trump. As well, printed copies will be sent to reporters and commentators who are open to the truth about Cliven’s cause.

5. We want your help to support the grassroots efforts publicizing the truth, too. Countless men and women are keeping the truth alive by telling Cliven’s story daily. Risking it all, they have taken up Cliven’s fight and they need our encouragement in their determination to do this. We want to help them with merchandise that tells the story and other, practical support.

This effort is much more than just selling some books and t-shirts. It’s an effort to tell the world what is happening in rural America; and it’s an effort to tell the government bureaucrats: No! Stop! … ENOUGH! This is an effort to restore the clearly stated intent of our Founding Fathers though the story of one man, Cliven Bundy.   

Won’t you join us?